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Based on last 10 website pings,'s average server uptime is 80%. It seems that is hosted on dedicated webhosting, which means there are no other websites hosted. The website is currently online. There are not any opened ports on Most users visit this domain with es as a default language.

Advertisements webhosting quality periodically ping our customer's websites and alert them in case of any connection problems. Table below shows you latest checks for

TimeServer headerTime to downloadDNS lookup time
01.04.2015 23:11:36 0 381 ms156 ms
21.03.2015 04:51:58 301 368 ms143 ms
11.03.2015 02:22:04 0 0 ms927 ms
05.03.2015 21:09:40 301 410 ms151 ms
10.02.2015 16:26:53 301 573 ms348 ms

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Who use Servercalls?

This service is used by independent website owners, who rely on high website uptime. It's also ideal for small businesses with up to tens of servers, who want to be informed about server outage as the first ones. Because of different alert methods, ServerCalls is usable for monitoring critical application as well.

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